Piraeus Street Long Jump History

Revival of the long jump 167 years later

According to the historical document, under the title “A statue for Οlympic Games in Piraeus, 1856” the “unknown Olympics of 1856”, the following five events were held in Piraeus in 1856: the triple jump, the long jump, the discus throw (stone throw), the running and the wrestling.


Piraeus is reviving the sport of the long jump with the Piraeus Street Long Jump at the Piraeus Municipal Theatre, attracting the world’s top jumpers to one of Europe’s largest ports. The event has been included in the panorama of events “Sea Days 2023” of the Municipality of Piraeus and will be held with the co-organization of the Hellenic Athletics Association (SEGAS), the Municipality of Piraeus, the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Piraeus (OPAN), Progame and ActiveMedia Group.